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Email the Bridge between LinkedIn & Facebook and the key to Maximin ROR

Often, I have heard people say that LinkedIn is B2B and Facebook is B2C.   On the surface, this may seem self-evident but I do not agree. If business is based on relationships, the relationship between you and your customer or prospect, you want to take every opportunity to develop & nurture that relationship. So, forget…
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Why & how to create a great LinkedIn Profile Headline

The job of a headline is to grab people’s attention, stimulate their interest in something enough so that person reading the headline is almost compelled to act so they can learn more. Some of the best-paid writers in the world are headline writers. Newspapers and magazines live or die on the strength of the headline on their…
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8 LinkedIn Profile tips to get you noticed

Is your LinkedIn profile letting you down? Are you not showing up in searches? Does no-one actually view your profile? Having a fully completed profile is the first step in building a solid presence on Linkedin. So you need to make sure your profile speaks to your prospects about the value you bring to the…
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Getting started with Linkedin Groups

LinkedIn is one of the most impressive tools for getting your message out to a highly targeted audience, mainly because of the groups feature. LinkedIn groups can provide a highly efficient and powerful way to build and nurture your professional network. Choosing the right groups takes a bit of time but worth it, as you will…
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