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B2B Lead Generation using Social Selling on LinkedIn

Course Objectives – To outline & train B2B salespeople in a strategy to systematically find and build online relationships with key decision makers in their sector. To leverage those online relationships with a view to booking regular monthly phone calls with key decision makers.

The course is worth €166

Special Offer: €90

This offer is for a limited time please register your interest with jmcgarry@profitperclick.biz

What you will learn

Implementing our Social Selling Playbook that will be outlined in the masterclass will allow you to take full advantage of the changes social media are having on the B2B buying decisions process.

Complete System: You’ll discover a complete system that is going to help you generate consistent leads, while at the same time giving you a drip marketing system so your prospects won’t forget about you when the time is right.

Social Selling: You will discover what is Social Selling and how it can help your business.

Where to find leads: You’ll discover where to find your leads, nurture, connect and finally get them on

Module 1

What is Social Selling
1. Social Selling Definition
2. The changes in the buyers Journey
3. Stats proving the effectiveness of Social Selling

Module 2

Foundation Work
1. LinkedIn Premium account – Sales Navigator
2. Define your target audience using LinkedIn parameters
3. LinkedIn Advanced Search function in Sales Navigator

Module 3

Optimise LinkedIn Profile
1. What is a client-focused profile?
2. Why your LinkedIn headline is critical to your success
3. How to create an effective LinkedIn Headline
4. How to add testimonials
5. LinkedIn Summary

Module 4

Build your Network
1. Connection Script – keep it personal
2. Extend your reach using LinkedIn Groups
3. Maximize your connection acceptance rate
4. Speed connecting

Module 5

Raise Awareness
1. Sharing content in LinkedIn Newsfeed
2. Sharing content in LinkedIn Group
3. Finding content using Feedly.com
4. Using Sales Navigator to track and respond to shares from connections

Module 6

Establish Expertise
1. Create & Manage your own LinkedIn Group

Module 7

Rise Awareness & Establish Expertise outside of LinkedIn
1. Using Facebook to build awareness & establish expertise with your LinkedIn connections
2. Using Twitter to build awareness & establish expertise with your LinkedIn connections

Module 8

Book Appointments

1. LinkedIn internal messaging system
2. Messaging sequence leading to request for call
3. Possible scripts to use when asking for call
4. Best Campaign structure

John McGarry

Meet your trainer, coach & mentor

John McGarry is the founder of profit per click, a Social Media Strategist & LinkedIn Marketing Consultant

John has worked with many businesses formulating a digital marketing strategy with a focus on LinkedIn and Facebook lead generation.

John’s vast experience with online campaigns has helped clients build their authority in their field and has generated quality leads.

John has spoken at many events and hosted 100s of webinars as there is only so many hours in the day John has decided to create this course online to have his vast knowledge of business strategies available on demand where ever you are.   

I engaged John following his webinar to develop a very focused LinkedIn marketing campaign for me. The big emphasis was on conversions – I wanted the messaging to generate conversations, which it did very well. The campaign ran over three months and I am very happy with the collaborative approach, the regular reviews and the results as some of those conversations resulted in client engagements. I had tried facebook and twitter in the past, but the only medium which worked for me is LinkedIn.Charley Swords


I signed up for John McGarrys webinar and had a discovery call with him and I was delighted to have a chat with someone who ‘got’ my niche. In that call John helped me to understand in more depth where my customer is and set my sights there to maximise my sales. I have watched the webinar again and got so much help from the tips and resources that I have changed my strategy. It has proven to be the most effective decision I have made in my marketing today. Thanks John for saving me time and money by looking in the right direction for me and my business.Sandra Losty


Keeping up to speed with Adwords, LinkedIn & Facebook while running my business was a real challenge. Having John manage my lead generation using these platforms has reduced my costs , increased my leads and freed up lots of time for me to do what I do best , run my company and keep my customers happyJoey Lyons


The course is worth €166

Special Offer: €90

This offer is for a limited time please register your interest with jmcgarry@profitperclick.biz